Taste of Paris | French Bistro

Taste of Paris | French Bistro

aboutParis is just around the corner!

Imagine a large assortment of French artisan specialties ranging from oils, vinegars, mustards, chutneys, cheeses, crackers, cookies, candies, authentic morning pastries (baked on premise).

“Taste of Paris” is taking us from dreams to reality.

Born and raised in France, Laurence Markarian moved to the United States in 1988 and more specifically to Montana eighteen years ago. As her husband likes to say, “You can take the girl out of France, but you certainly can’t take France out of the girl!”

Laurence loves to cook, bake, and share her culinary knowledge. As an honorary consul of France, she is very involved in French affairs. “One small part of my official duty is to promote France, so I decided to stretch it a bit by opening a French boutique-restaurant right here, in Hamilton!” she smiles.

The community embraced Taste of Paris very quickly and in such a way that Laurence feels that her customers have become an extended family… the family that she left behind in France when she moved.

A lovely Parisian atmosphere awaits the customers who want to not only shop for gourmet products but also have a nice French onion soup, a baguette sandwich, a ratatouille, a crêpe, a mouth-watering dessert, a trendy coffee drink or a sparkling, refreshing juice.

It is not unusual to see customers play bridge, bring their correspondence, read a book or a magazine.

The outdoor patio, open in summer, adds a lot to the Parisian experience. Just like in France, you can smell the last morning treats coming out of the oven around 8 o clock, which you can enjoy eating under an umbrella while watching the early street activity. Or you may decide to wait for the later crowd… No matter what time of the day it is, get ready for some delicious, home-cooked food and a super friendly atmosphere that will make your experience memorable.

As a matter of fact, everyone feels great at Taste of Paris and is encouraged to live the true experience of stepping out of reality for as long as they wish. It is a special place not only for all Francophiles and Francophiles-to-be but for all who are in search for “something out of the ordinary”.

Taste of Paris is located at 109 N. Forth Street, Suites 106 and 107 in Hamilton, Montana in the courtyard across from the Hamilton post office parking lot.